Sunday, April 30, 2006


I was feeling blue today because I take a med. to soften my nerves (Lexapro) and have not taken it the last few nights...they were in the bedroom and I didn't want to turn on the light to hunt for them and wake my husband.

After 9-11 I was stunned by fear. At night I walked out into the barnyard where we live in the country and prayed to God, while searching the heavens and constellations for a flaw in the patterns that might be ominous.. We live close to an airport and every plane seemed a threat. Then I decided that fear was what the terrorists wanted and it dissipated.
Likewise, not that life wants us to fear, but the devil does. I trust in God to direct my life and know that worry, fear, and depression are not productive for the years I have on earth. I have literally made myself get into life. It's a choice, you know.
God Bless to all those suffering with a similar malady.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Guys!

There are two little boys who mean everything in the world to me.
Jake is my oldest grandson...he is full of energy, bright and funny. I love to watch how his little mind works. He is not always good, but that is because he has such a strong character that he wants to do everything his way. But when he calls me GaGa and curls up in my lap, there is nothing in this world sweeter...reminds me of his Dad when he was a boy...they look so much alike. Jake turns 6 this weekend. Happy Birthday and I hope to be around to see many more.

Our second grandson Evan is still a little bit of a mystery to me. Jake was around us since he was born and because he was difficult at times he really wore all of us out. Then comes beautiful little Evan who steals everyone's hearts and is such an easy baby to take care of...I am so glad he was not the first born as the first one put us through the hoops! Evan is now 1 yr. and starting to walk and talk. He has his Mommy's eyes and dimples and his Daddy's calm about him. Can't wait to know him better as he grows.

Having grandkids means that you open your heart to another generation. The unconditional love you feel for them is easier as you don't see them as often as you did your own kids and you miss them inbetween. How nice it will be to see them both growing into young men to carry on the family name. They are two very different and very wonderful little boys.

Have a good Sunday.
Marilyn "GaGa"

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Once a principal of ours wanted to take away our coffee. History teacher and coach, Mark, spoke up at the staff meeting saying, "We don't get many perks (pun?) around here...Don't take away our coffee!!!" -- He won our
battle that day...Thank you Mark!!!!! It is one of the last vestiges of
freedom that we all embrace.

My first cup of coffee for the day is Cafe Francais which tastes like a cup of cocoa. Then I drink two large cups of hot chai tea from my favorite coffee house and that keeps me going all day.
From the time I wake to the last moment before sleep I have lists in my head.

A retired friend Kathy sent me this...
Question: "What is the best way to describe retirement?"
Answer: " A never ending Coffee Break"

Sounds good, but feel I need to get more done in the next
couple of years to be ready.
Have a good weekend...

Sunday, April 16, 2006


When we first bought our cottage 13 yrs. ago it was like our neighbor Floyd had always been in our lives. He ran around with my husband Bob to the casino or in town to eat or run errands. Floyd was up early every morning mowing, working in his toy shop to produce wooden toys, working at the local golf course pro shop, calling square dancing at the local schools, or just visiting with neighbors. I would call him once a week to write down his schedule on our calendar and have him over for dinner the nights he was home. If he had a bad opinion he knew to not burn bridges and kept them to himself. In the winter months he was like the caretake of our place and others on the point. He was a regular at the local restaurant and helped with school sports by doing the links at football games and attending kids graduation parties and other events. All we had to do when we first moved there was to say we lived next door to Floyd and a check would be ok'd or at the very least they knew where we lived...the people on the point and others loved the man.
It will hit us the hardest when we go to the cottage for the summer. There is a Memorial in his hometown with family we will miss, but we will help with a Memorial to celebrate his life during the 4th or whenever the family decides. He is to be cremated and his ashes joined with his wife Ruth's out on the big lake. He went in the hospital one day and died the next at age 85. Isn't that how we all would wish to go?
There will always be a silent guest at our dinner table. Floyd was part of our family.
You lived a good life little man and made a big man impression on everyone. God Bless.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Our first dog Wally was bought to be a buddy and responsibility for our son who was about 7 at the time. I contacted the breeders assoc. and they put me in touch with Melanie. I thought I was interviewing her about the pups, but I soon realized that I was the one being interviewed. She made an appointment for us to go down to meet with her and see the pups, but informed me, "I don't sell my dogs to people I don't feel have the right motives for owning a dog." It felt like we were adopting a baby! We adored Melanie and she even found my husband Bob amusing, so we clicked. Wally's official name was Rosebud's Great Wally Bear and he came from a line of showdogs. He had a square back to the skull on his head that made him quite distinctive. His grandfather was sold to a Japanese breeder for mega bucks.
When Wally passed away two years ago I felt as though I had been kicked in the stomach as he was so loyal and asked for so little in life, but to be loved. He's buried on our property and I still visit him just to talk.
Our son had already contacted Melanie about getting a pup for his family about the same time. He picked out their dog Cooper and encouraged me to go see the litter as there was a brother to Cooper that I might want. It was of course love at first site. Golden Retrievers look like teddy bears at first. Mack just jumped up on the fence and wagged his tail, and I was hooked.
Now in his 2nd year with us, Mack has more than filled the gap that Wally left. He has Wally's bloodline. We named him Rosebud's Great Mackinaw Bear. He plays with the grandson and is a constant friend in the house. He barks to let us know that people are near the house. He sleeps on the floor with whomever he feels needs protection at night. It's like having a mini-horse around the house. He's also quite the swimmer in the summer months and loves to chase birds down the beach like Wally used to do.
I adore Mack...isn't he just he handsomest dog you've seen in a long time?
Love you, Mack.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ahhhhh Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below are photos from our perennial garden at home. Friend Linda planted it for me several years ago (more on her in a later post).
The only thing I do is run the hand cultivator through it ...I discovered the cultivator sitting outside a local antique shop and leave it in the garden as a bit of sculpture reminiscent of years gone by...
Will post pictures of the cottage garden when up north for the summer months.
Time to get outdoors!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Time to QVC, Baby!!!!

Niece Errin (sister Martha's daughter) wrote for permission to use an old photo of me for some of her scrapbooking brochures. She works for a company near Ann Arbor, Michigan working on kits they sell on QVC. I was flattered. The photo was one I had never seen before but taken of me at age 29, the month and year that Bob and I were married (above) Errin just graduated from Western Michigan graphic arts. She designs with an oriental flair that I think makes her very current, appealing to nature, the environment, and the senses. Her BF Chris is also an artist, though he is trying to design computer games. It's great to see a young couple trying to work their way up in their careers.

My hope in this generation taking over is that they are not shy about what they do and don't want in life. If they are to survive in this world of ugly international politics, thank God they will be able to hold their own. Our generation was taught to be hard-working and slowly go up the ladder of success. I think these kids and others will knock down barriers and forge ahead in this world without all the fears that we had growing up. They will do well because they aren't afraid to take risks. Let's hear it for the creative spirit in these young adults!

Support Errin on QVC under scrapbooking kits at Shopping ...She used to work on the Flavia kits but this one is being introduced by a Lisa Bearnson on April 18th....shown here on her site.... Welcome to!

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Jude and I are the Supreme Goddesses of email venting. No subject is safe from our discussion. I especially like it when Jude has naughty thoughts and adds . Jude's husband loves politics and world news events, but Jude says she prefers to live a shallow existence...she hides her intellect. She is very emotional and loving in regard to her concern for her students and others in need. Her gorgeous daughter Amy is in college and I believe Jude is totally devoted to her happiness in life. The funniest story of Jude and Amy was on the way to school one day, Jude was wearing her cow costume for Halloween and they were having a "difference of opinions". Amy started to laugh and Jude asked why. "Mother," Amy said, "I am arguing with a cow!" - Jude introduced our latest it! When we first met as teachers in the same building, I gave Jude a notepad thinking it had her name on it...she still has the pad that has the name "Jean" on it. I have things that remind me of Jude. A purple hair scrunch she gave my daughter. A small bookmark with her name on the back and a picture frame, both gifts at sometime from her. -- We talk about family, friends, school, fashions, tv personalities, emotions, health issues, food, shopping, bills, etc. I know whatever I tell her is off the record. Her emails come at anytime during the day or night...Since they are unpredictable in subject, they are usually the first ones I read. I have chuckled over and over at her jabs and comments...she is so hilarious!
God Bless Jude. Friends Forever as the necklaces say.
P.S. - Jude, I didn't have a good mugshot of you that I thought you would like, so hope the cow works until you can send me a good shot of you to add to the post.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Peg (aka Meg)

An email update arrived from friend Peg. She's an adorable teacher friend approx. 20 yrs. younger than me. Peg reminds me of the actress Meg Ryan. Petite and always so cute. She is the wife of Alan, who builds homes and mother to four of my very favorite kids...Isaac, Shelby, Nathan and Mariah. I remember when each of them were born and though Peg works in another school district have managed to stay in touch from time to time.
Peg has gone through two medical scares with her health and is such a survivor. She does not wallow in self-pity but counts her blessings and gets on with life. I like to remind her of the days that she danced on tables in bars (!) when like the rest of us life was all new.
My prayers are always in place for her family and I feel Peg and I will be friends for life.
She's an inspiration to me and I feel we just pick up where we left off any time we email or meet. Every so often, someone special enters your life, and she is definitely one of them.