Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time to tend to my gardens...

(Perennial garden at home)

("Garden Susie" from my cottage garden)

For two years I have vented and posted photos and thoughts on this blog.

It began with my frustration of two homes and two distinctly different lifestyles.
Then it was my solace as illness and loss set in this last year.

Now retired, my days and my efforts need to go to other endeavors. I want to cut back on my computer time, and closing down this blog is a way for me to begin.

Thanks to anyone who may have read my blog.
Time to tend to my gardens in life.

God Bless,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Next Up in the Winter Olympic Trials...

Let us all stand by our sleds and sing the praises of snow in Colorado!!!

John John and Eric, the Hill Champs!!!
No fear when it comes to taking the slopes. You rock, John John!!!

Love, Aunt Marilyn

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


No, It's SUPER ZIE!!!!! Photo taken by her Dad, my nephew Eric, from Broomfield, Colorado. Great shot, Eric!
Zie is a gutsy, wonderful, talented little girl. One day she will be famous!!!
Love, Aunt Marilyn

November 23

Martha and Me, 1970

Today was the first anniversary of the death of my sister and coincidentally (?) also my 62nd birthday. I went out to dinner with school friends Ginny N., Ginny K., Trina, Sonnie, and Betsy.

We ate at Buffalo Jack's and talked nonstop for two hours...great time.

Both my brothers, John (and Thister Swede) and Bob called to wish me Happy Birthday. I am totally blessed.

I feel Martha with me everyday, but especially on that day....I'll always miss and love you, Sis.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's November...

I was opening a big trunk in our bedroom to unpack the Christmas items I have saved through the years for the holidays. There are two that I will never part with from Linda (who passed away suddenly May '09). You know how you open each tissue wrapped item and get that "Oh, I'd forgotten I had these"...well, that's what I was thinking as I opened these precious bundles...

One was an angel Linda found...she repainted the blonde hair to black and gave it to Beth. The other she was bursting at the seams with excitement to give to me (and Bob), was a Christmas Tree Farm Scene...


They are both reminders of how much love Linda put into everything she did. It wasn't money, but downright thoughtfulness that set her apart from others.

This is a very trying month for me as my sister Martha died a year ago next Monday, on my birthday. I have decided that for me to sit around or sleep due to depression is wasting the life Martha and Linda so desperately wanted to live. So now I am willing myself to be positive, clean out the weeds in my life, and stop procrastinating. Life can be short and fleeting.

Happy Thanksgiving. Hold your family and friends close.

And, Mr. President, Bring Our Troops Home.
Thank you to our Military for their service.
God Bless America!