Thursday, February 23, 2012

Renate Frydman: Faces of the Holocaust

For 15 yrs. I have worked on the Holocaust Education Committee.

I met Mrs. Renate Frydman when teaching my students about the Holocaust. Renate is one of the most amazing, devoted and compassionate human beings I have ever met. She has given her life over to educating the school children of Dayton, Ohio about the Holocaust to avoid their ever having to experience prejudice of that magnitude, as well as other forms in their lives.

She single handedly set up speakers to go to the schools, formed a resource center named after she and her late husband at Wright State University, and has installed a permanent exhibit on local survivors of the Holocaust at Wright Patterson Air Force Museum (photos above).

Every year I am priviledged to be inspired by her and her family.

Thank you, Renate.