Friday, April 07, 2006

Time to QVC, Baby!!!!

Niece Errin (sister Martha's daughter) wrote for permission to use an old photo of me for some of her scrapbooking brochures. She works for a company near Ann Arbor, Michigan working on kits they sell on QVC. I was flattered. The photo was one I had never seen before but taken of me at age 29, the month and year that Bob and I were married (above) Errin just graduated from Western Michigan graphic arts. She designs with an oriental flair that I think makes her very current, appealing to nature, the environment, and the senses. Her BF Chris is also an artist, though he is trying to design computer games. It's great to see a young couple trying to work their way up in their careers.

My hope in this generation taking over is that they are not shy about what they do and don't want in life. If they are to survive in this world of ugly international politics, thank God they will be able to hold their own. Our generation was taught to be hard-working and slowly go up the ladder of success. I think these kids and others will knock down barriers and forge ahead in this world without all the fears that we had growing up. They will do well because they aren't afraid to take risks. Let's hear it for the creative spirit in these young adults!

Support Errin on QVC under scrapbooking kits at Shopping ...She used to work on the Flavia kits but this one is being introduced by a Lisa Bearnson on April 18th....shown here on her site.... Welcome to!

Happy Shopping!



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