Monday, June 19, 2006


Copy and paste the above into your browser if the link does not work...seeing Anahata's site is like an artist candy store...It's absolutely one of the most inspiring sites out there! Color and images that pour out of her into collages that are simply gorgeous...She's Star Quality!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Father's Day 2006

My father Wellesley Alexander was the best father a girl could ever have. He was raised by John and Elizabeth, two parents with stately confidence. John was an artist who started a cemetery monument business with his art ability and Elizabeth did well in the stock market, taking the boys back to their roots in Scotland... trips Dad never forgot. Dad had one brother Ian. I never heard either brother say anything unkind about the other. Dad worked in the family business most of his life. His health declined in his early 70's...heart problems, depression, and many other problems that my mother tried to cope with, using up her health. He spent his last years in three different resthomes. It will always haunt me how sad his last years were on this earth. In his bitterness, he lashed out at my brothers and sister, but never at me...I guess I wasn't there as often, living out of state.
He was human and made mistakes. He opened an Edsel dealership which was to be the downfall of his financial earnings and his greatest source of worry. Then he spent lavishly when he inherited money later in life. But he was always there with Mom...always faithful and someone I was proud to introduce as my Dad.

Before he died he bought himself some Father's Day cards. He told Mom he didn't think his kids would send him any as he had been so nasty to them. I slipped one into the lining of his casket the day of his funeral, with photos of my kids and professing my undying love.
I learned to have a heart from my father and to care about people...he sat and talked with so many people with losses in their lives and was a good listener. I learned that family and being proud of one's heritage was important...he cared so much for his honor and the family name and we felt we should live up to his ideals. He taught me to do the small things that let people know someone cares that they exist, hang the expense...Mom was horrified once that he brought home two dresses and two pair of shoes for me from an expensive department store because he felt sorry for me that I didn't have a date for the homecoming dance. Dad made us all laugh...once he made up a card game as we went along, which was much funnier than being told all the rules in the beginning. He wore an entirely matched golfing outfit down to breakfast Christmas mornings. He took us on family vacations and out to restaurants with linen table cloths. He drove beautiful cars and washed them more often than anyone I know. He smoked the best smelling cigars...the smell of a cigar reminds me of him still today. He loved sports and would often have a baseball game on the radio and another on the TV. He danced a dance he called the Gull Lake Hop. He called to tell me he loved my kids, after one Christmas and cried on the phone. He was always immaculate in the way he dressed and the care he took in his personal care. I can still feel the smoothness of his freshly shaved cheek against mine and the roundness of his body when I hugged him.

When I go to his graveside to talk I take him cigars, which I am sure the groundskeeper enjoys more than flowers.

I thank God for him and hope one day to see him once again.

I love you Dad and I always will.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fighting Farewells

Today I felt alive again. Pitching and actually working on paper piles...have been stacking things too long.

Found a list of people on our jury for the malpractice suit 16 yrs. ago for our daughter...intended to thank them right after the the case settled our direction, but I guess I could still try... May be hard telling them thanks for their time after so many years.

Also found a business card an old boyfriend gave to my sister to give to me. She said he was now a lawyer but had a bad muscular disease and I wonder now if he is still living...he wrote his home number on the back, but I'd never call his house as he married and had kids.

And a note from the daughter of a friend who died a couple of years ago...Martha was a librarian/artist who grew up in New Orleans and had the best sense of humor. Should contact her daughter Perry. Martha is buried in a vault in a mausoleum across the street from Erma Bombeck's grave. We went there once to visit Martha's husband's vault and she gave me a tour of the place. I need to stop in and talk with her.

Piles of memories. No wonder I let them sit. I'm trying to let go, but I invested part of my life in all of them.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thanks, Little Man...

Lacking motivation and sleeping too much.It's time to get in the race and kick butt...time to get out of my comfy blue robe. I have one comic relief...Good old Cartman from South Park....Makes me LOL every time!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bob's Treasure Trove

This handmade female bunny outfit was one of husband Bob's finds at a garage sale..only $5. It's adorable, but one of only 10 things brought home yesterday. Usually he buys antiques that can be resold for more money at auctions or Ebay, but storing them all has become a problem. The bunny will probably stay as it will amuse our daughter and grandchildren, like the Santa suit in the closet that Bob wears every year. The bunny suit will no doubt end up being my claim to fame. Bob is forever into fun. I enjoy that about him but it also makes it hard as I struggle to simplify life.

Just desserts

To move to the summer cottage is like making a meal and having to clean up the kitchen (house) eat the meal (pack) and then have dessert (arrive at the cottage).

I have done this for 13 yrs. and you would think that it would get easier. But we have accumulated more here and at the cottage and it is hard to remember what is in the other place, depending on where you are!

I want to get to the dessert but it takes time. I guess in a way it's my just dessert for living a life so recklessly. Organized Chaos.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Art Spirit

My students are having a fit that I am forcing art history down their young throats, but one day they will thank me for teaching them that art is the outgrowth of the lives people live, from earliest cavemen forward.I hope that they will also carry with them my attitude toward art, which can be summed up in the following by the famous art instructor and painter, Robert Henri, from the book The Art Spirit...

When the artist is alive in any person... he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressing creature. He becomes interesting to other people. He disturbs, upsets, enlightens, and he opens ways for better understanding. Where those before him have closed the book, he opens the book and discovers more pages possible.

With just three days to go with students and two more years to retirement, I am finding that the impression I make on these young minds is more important to me.

Art, like life, is an attitude. If you just do what you must, life can be oh so boring. But put before yourself challenges of your own making and it becomes an adventure worth living. I admit though that the choices run through my head and I now ask myself which ones I think God would want for me...part of the wisdom that comes with age and the feeling that there are fewer years ahead to screw up!

Have a great weekend. Chat at the end of next week when I move from one lifestyle to the other.