Saturday, January 14, 2012

One Moment That Will Last Forever

Daughter Beth is now in her 30's. She was born with brain damage and at the age of two we had her tiny little Jenny Linde bed next to ours to monitor her as she was on meds. for seizures. I leaned over to check her in the morning and returned to my place in bed. To my surprise, she crawled up on our bed and planted a kiss on my cheek. That has never happened since, but I can tell you it has lived in my mind over and over like a long playing movie. Any parent with a child who displays autistic tendencies and lives in their own world knows what I am talking about. Bonding is such an issue. I hug her, stroke her hair, and bond as much as she will allow. I know she loves me, but have learned to accept she cannot physically respond in kind. Our world is blessed to have her, just the way she is, as we have learned to treasure each and every simple thing life has to offer. God Bless the miracles in our lives!