Thursday, April 20, 2006


Once a principal of ours wanted to take away our coffee. History teacher and coach, Mark, spoke up at the staff meeting saying, "We don't get many perks (pun?) around here...Don't take away our coffee!!!" -- He won our
battle that day...Thank you Mark!!!!! It is one of the last vestiges of
freedom that we all embrace.

My first cup of coffee for the day is Cafe Francais which tastes like a cup of cocoa. Then I drink two large cups of hot chai tea from my favorite coffee house and that keeps me going all day.
From the time I wake to the last moment before sleep I have lists in my head.

A retired friend Kathy sent me this...
Question: "What is the best way to describe retirement?"
Answer: " A never ending Coffee Break"

Sounds good, but feel I need to get more done in the next
couple of years to be ready.
Have a good weekend...


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