Sunday, April 16, 2006


When we first bought our cottage 13 yrs. ago it was like our neighbor Floyd had always been in our lives. He ran around with my husband Bob to the casino or in town to eat or run errands. Floyd was up early every morning mowing, working in his toy shop to produce wooden toys, working at the local golf course pro shop, calling square dancing at the local schools, or just visiting with neighbors. I would call him once a week to write down his schedule on our calendar and have him over for dinner the nights he was home. If he had a bad opinion he knew to not burn bridges and kept them to himself. In the winter months he was like the caretake of our place and others on the point. He was a regular at the local restaurant and helped with school sports by doing the links at football games and attending kids graduation parties and other events. All we had to do when we first moved there was to say we lived next door to Floyd and a check would be ok'd or at the very least they knew where we lived...the people on the point and others loved the man.
It will hit us the hardest when we go to the cottage for the summer. There is a Memorial in his hometown with family we will miss, but we will help with a Memorial to celebrate his life during the 4th or whenever the family decides. He is to be cremated and his ashes joined with his wife Ruth's out on the big lake. He went in the hospital one day and died the next at age 85. Isn't that how we all would wish to go?
There will always be a silent guest at our dinner table. Floyd was part of our family.
You lived a good life little man and made a big man impression on everyone. God Bless.


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What a nice tribute to Floyd. :-)

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