Sunday, January 28, 2007

Audie Turned 88

Our mother Audra is a trooper and the older I get the more wisdom I find she has passed on to her children. It's not always that woman out fighting for career rights and heading up every committee that has the most lasting impact on their children.
I have learned from Audie that you can put others before yourself, be cooperative, get through anything in life that comes your way, and always, always be there for your kids. She was a steadfast anchor in our lives and remains that to this day. Everytime we are near her we are reminded that her only wish in life was to be a good wife to her husband and a loving and supportive mother to her children. Her biggest legacy will be in the way we parent our children and face life's challenges with dignity and the will to Just Do It, as the ads tell us.

We only hope for more time to show the respect, love and devotion we all have for her.
Happy 88th Birthday, Mom !

Time for a new camera, don't you think? Sorry for the blurry pictures.

Photos above: Sister Martha and Mom (Thanks John for Photo and Bob for Plates!);Great-grand-daughter Carly and Mom ; Brother Bob, grand-daughter Carly, and Sister in law Pat; Brother John, Sister in law Susan, and Mom; Mom and her four kids, Martha, John, Marilyn and Bob ;

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let It Snow!!!!

If you think students look forward to snow days off school, you should be a schoolteacher!
In Ohio, where we live, the snow can be an inch and they freak!
We got our first stay on the ground snow fall last night, I think of the season. More predicted midweek. Husband Bob and son RC are looking forward to trying out two bright purple snowmobiles Bob bought off a neighbor at the cottage up north.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


One of the reasons I married husband Bob 29 yrs. ago was
because he always knew how to make me smile.
He was on the computer today when I wanted to use it and
when he turned it over to me, he handed me this, that he cut
from green computer paper...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Goodbye, Mr. President 12-26-06

Top 4 photos were taken by my younger brother Bob, who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan where Pres. Ford was laid to rest. The two on the bottom are from the National News service online: - Mrs. Ford being escorted down the center aisle of the National Cathedral by Pres. Bush at the funeral and - in April 2006 when Pres. and Mrs. Ford visited with Pres. Bush.

Gerald R. Ford left this earth with the dignity and grace in which he lived his life.