Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think!

My maternal grandmother used to play a song on her grand piano called, "Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think"....enjoy, yourself, while your still in the pink...the years go by, as quickly as a wink, enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think. I remember sitting next to her on the piano bench and belting out the tune, as she accompanied me.
Retirement looms in the near future and I think of how I want to spend the time. You get to a point in life when you realize you have maybe 15 to 20 yrs. to go where you may have decent health and then it's the roll being called up yonder.
Bob, Beth and I were driving through a small town south of us where they happen to have a small "head" shop with a pool table that sells posters, shirts and God knows what else. I bought my Janis Joplin shirt there . Saw her perform in the Grande Ballroom in Detroit above a bar and she was stunning. I told Bob when I retire I want to dress in hippie dresses and just enjoy life. He said he wanted to dress like a pimp and drive a big pink caddie...he's been teaching in the city schools too long! We laughed at how disgusted our son and daughter in law would be at our appearance and lifestyle. -- Bob recalled picking up his parents at the airport when they returned from Europe when retired and how they both exited the plane wearing French tams and embarassed him...but hey, they were originals too.
My mother in law was in Mensa. I bought some books they sell in the teachers lounge the other day. One group was Mensa publications of puzzles, etc. that are supposed to work your mind. I also bought a book on anatomy with lotsa pictures. I never studied much in science classes growing up and want to brush up on the human body to know what's going on inside of me. Husband Bob says people rush off to doctors more than they need to...that most of it is just logic if you think about it. Aching back...what did you just lift. Headache...what did you just eat. Etc.

I don't want to waste these years and find that there are many things in life not worth the energy anymore. I never was into clubs, so those won't waste my time. Red hats...not for me. Bob likes his MG car club. I like being around sort of bohemian and artsy people but am also fascinated with the minds of people much smarter than I am...I like to hear things from their perspective, so may want to read more and just plain talk to people. I love nature so want to get out in it more. Stess has been too much of a weight through the years...I want to get rid of stressful things like bills, time constraints, excessive junk and personal habits.

Just wishing I had been in this frame of mind a little sooner. Life gives you insights when you can barely use them and you waste so many years running after empty dreams, or so it sometimes seems. People talk about their purpose in life. Maybe it was just to exist and complete the cycle of things, you know. God is there in everything.

As my friend Judy says...I don't like to be too deep...would rather think on the surface of things. Sometimes I feel that way and sometimes just the opposite. I find states of mind interesting. Like how do we shut out the world and lay "in state" when we sleep. How do we zone out while driving a car and just thinking about things so we are not totally in an aware state of mind. How is it that we are capable of altering the states of mind? Some of you are smart and may know that already? Tell me if you do.

Life is still one big change after another. I thought things would be simple when I got older, but evidently that was a false assumption on my part.
Well blah, blah, blah....time to hit the hay.



Anonymous Martha said...

Hey Sis.....I so remember singing this tune in grandma DD's car and for some reason with cousin Mary! That song has been a main theme in my life and you know my struggles! Thanks for sharing this memory....Love ya, Tha :-)

6:38 AM  

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