Sunday, July 09, 2006

Too Busy To Blog

"Garden Susie" sits at the end of our drive...

We arrived at the cottage June 20th. Will only be here until the end of July :( ----

The phone was not working and a call to the company initiated a service call. Seems they moved the wires underground and had no record of our having had a phone since 2002 so did not give us a line! They will be putting one in and gave us a temp. A week later none of the phones on the point worked, but no reason given as to why.

Then the computer didn't work because the local provider had equipment problems.

My sister Martha and her daughter Errin came for the weekend and we had a great time. They went to Mackinac Island one day and we hit a casino at night...Errin was a virgin gambler and won over $100...she left happy:).

A cap on a tooth came loose from eating an olive burger at one of our favorite local joints, Clyde's, by the Mackinac Bridge. -- Went in to a local dentist and he charged $233.00 upfront to xray the tooth root and glue it back on...took him 10 min. tops.

Had a Celebration of Life in honor of beloved neighbor Floyd, who passed away in April at age 85 with his kids. About 70 people from various backgrounds came to share stories, both funny and serious . The day started out warm, but then the wind kicked up a chill and the chocolate on my new choc. fountain hardened and the motor burnt out. Still, it was a beautiful day. We grilled burgers and dogs, had salads, crock pots, and desserts...a really great cake with a golf bag in honor of Floyd's passion for golf. His son David and wife Donna were emotional most of the day...was nice to see their love for him. It felt like Floyd was amoung us by connecting with those there who came out of love for him.

Tomorrow is my day off...I take one a week from Bob and he hates being tied down all day. I head off at dawn and don't come back until after dark.

Post again soon and will take some photos to share.
I'm in LOVE with this heaven!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So where is Clyde's, by the Mackinac Bridge?

1:19 PM  
Blogger Marilyn said...

Clyde's is northwest of the Mackinac Bridge when you get off in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, as you head west toward Wisconsin....just before McDonald's and Burger King. They make the best olive burgers I have ever had. Their Clyde Burgers are Huge. One of the few drive inns in the area. Good Grub!

7:35 PM  

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