Monday, September 11, 2006

Chinese Wisdom!!!

Years ago a librarian friend gave me a book by Pearl S. Buck about her experience in the early 1900's putting her handicapped daughter in an institution. I don't recall the a name of the book, but I do remember being surprised that our thoughts as mothers, despite the span of years between us, were very close. (Anyone know the name of that book? I'm looking for another copy).
So when I found another book by Ms. Buck called "Pavilion of Women" I had bought many years ago I thought I would read it and pass it on to my sister in law who is travelling with my older brother to China next month. By the 15th page I was so engrossed in the book, I could hardly put it down. I carry it in my purse to read any free moment I have. The main character, Madame Wu reaches her 40th birthday and decides to acquire a concubine to satisfy her husband's needs so she can move to the other side of the court the family occupies and "have her body to herself once more." Ms. Buck lived in China many years and the descriptions of the characters. subplots and small details, transport me into the world she created with words back in the 1940's.

Husband Bob asked me today what a blog was? I wondered if he had finally discovered and read this blog...If you recall, I have never told him I was writing in one. SO I fessed-up and also told him I read other people's blogs. He wanted to know the title of my blog and what I talk about. Then he said he was going to do a blog of his own called, " Bob and his Six Concubines" - Always the joker! I tried to read some of Pearl's passages to him, but he hadn't seemed interested at the time. Guess he was listening more than I thought.


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