Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cottage in Retrospect

Somehow I had the mistaken thought that I would have more time to post onto this blog at the cottage, but the truth is I have less time all around now.
We replaced two country couches Bob bought at auction a couple of years ago for a paltry $25 . Now we have a leather couch and love seat with 4 recliners in them...makes it like a movie theatre. The couches blend with our hated mustard and brown carpet from the previous owners. Next summer, after 15 yrs. of living with it, we hope to replace it and all the walls with pine.
Then Bob found a neighbor willing to sell almost new snowmobiles, so that shot the furniture buying! We did, however, find a great antique dealer eager to sell and for under $500 bought an entire bedroom set for our daughter. It's shown here in a back bedroom where we also installed two new windows. The old windows were nothing more than single panes of glass framed in...that's the way they did things in the old cottages.
Bob also put in a new stove top (we are still looking for a new oven) and replaced the screens on the sliding doors facing the lake. I put more flowers, soil and mulch in the garden at the entrance to our drive and gave away all the loft bedding, replacing them with quilts and new sheets.
That's pretty good for a month at the cottage!
Next summer we hope to redo the inside, do the roof on the back part of the cottage and switch around some bedrooms if we also get the back bathroom finished. The more we accomplish before retiring the better off we will be on a limited income. After 15 yrs. of owning the cottage we are eager to have all the basic things done to it, so we can just handle repairs and spend time outdoors.


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