Saturday, July 15, 2006

Life at the Cottage

With only 4 weeks at the cottage this year we are all about being least that is my husband's frame of mind. I'm avoiding the computer at night to be able to get up mornings, as Bob is an early riser and can't stand anyone else sleeping if he is awake...typical hyper diaper. If he thinks he can't get me to leave bed he's great at serving me breakfast in bed, so it's worth it to wait him out!!! This morning it was coffee, fruit and toast. Some mornings it's actually bacon and eggs. I adore the luxury...though the kitchen is usually left a mess.
In fact, he just brought me a premixed strawberry daiquiri at the computer in a cute pink plastic martini glass....funky and cute. Guess he's hoping it will make me tired of being online.
I take one day a week off from Bob and give him the other six to roam while here. It drives him nuts to be grounded for just one day with our daughter Beth. Beth turns 28 yr. this month, but is mentally less than 5...braindamage from birth. She is entertained by watching cable tv most of the time, but needs 24 hr. supervision, so unless he takes her for a ride in the mule, a cute red cart we use on the point, he's totally cottage bound.
The first time I took "my day" here Bob took 4 showers, he was so bored. I had a great day at little antique shops and even won at the casino. The second day off was not as good. I lost a debit card with quite a bit of cash wrapped around it and a receipt that showed I had more than usual in my checking. The debit card was turned into the police, but the cash was gone. I cancelled the card in case they kept the numbers to use online or to order on the phone. But mostly it shows how people are hungry for money. I could not take a debit card or cash as I would feel God was testing my honesty, but I realize not all people operate that way. --- I told myself money is not life and went on to enjoy the day traveling area resorts, shops, etc. But this time I skipped the casino! This next week I may try and get more quality into the day, other than shopping...and visit the casino again...Ha!
Thusfar we have replaced two ugly couches with new leather furniture and bought a cottage set of furniture for Beth all antique and charming. Am still looking for some bedroom furniture for our bedroom as I sent my parents set to brought less than $ disappointing but then they got more than 60 yrs. use out of it.
Today Bob installed a new stove top but we are still looking for a new oven to go with it. The old ones that came with the cottage were turquoise and very retro...I loved them but they stopped working. I worked on the garden at the end of the drive and two neighbors yards. A gorgeous day outside.
We are trying to replace and work on the place so we don't have to do it all in retirement. Still have to redo two bathrooms, recarpet or refloor and redo the wood both inside and out. And of course, Bob wants a new garage to replace the big old quonset hut that is now here as a garage.

At home son RC and a buddy installed a tile backsplash in my kitchen and our bathroom, due to be gutted and redone by a local contractor has yet to be done, though we will be home in two weeks!

Will post photos of the place and surrounding area next.
Hope you are all enjoying your summer...I feel as though I am in heaven here.



Blogger Painter Beach Girl said...

how come only 4 weeks there?????? SOunds lovely. What kind of things does Beth watch? Kids stuff? HGTV??? (my kids actually like HGTV!)

7:40 PM  

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