Thursday, November 23, 2006


Today was my 59th birthday....Wonderful Day!
Woke around 9, showered and put my hair up in rollers. Ran into town, where they don't care what I look like, to buy lemon juice for the Waldorf Salad, gas in the car, coffee etc. Bob was perfecting the two hams for his dinner entries. We arrived at RC and Lindsay's before noon. Beth was stubborn and didn't want to leave the car, but we finally coaxed her inside. The kitchen was filled with smoke...the turkeys weren't done, despite their being cooked by directions. Dinner wasn't for another hour (did they tell me the wrong time to make me show up in time?). RC gave me cards from them and said Jake originally picked one with a sexy guy on it for me. They gave me a beautiful pair of white gold earrings that RC mentioned were worth far more than they paid, so I should be careful not to lose them. I feel so loved by them all the year through.
Dinner was great...everything you could ever want. Tables were set up in the living room for the 40 some guests. I had done the motherly thing and brought several sizes of Ziploc bags and containers for their leftovers, but stayed out of the kitchen as it was mostly Lindsay's family and I never know what they really want me to do...feel more in the way.
It was beautiful weather, but instead of enjoying it, went home to clean the kitchen and rested on the bed next to Beth while Bob went outside to put up decorations. He said last year I accused him of being old because he didn't put any decorations up, so he was hedging his bets.
Danced to my favorite TV ad of the season..."Here Comes Santa Claus" by JCPenney...what a great ad that is!!!!!!!!!!!Shows vintage Christmas day and today opening gifts.
Tomorrow the treefarm opens, but this year only about 100 trees from the field are worth selling. I may for the very first time get up to join the early morning crowd for a couple of hours at Walmart and Kohl's. This is one of the first years we haven't been in my homestate for the day.


Blogger Stepping Over the Junk said...

Oh my, am I behind, I just sent you an email today. Your holiday sounded, well, just unique yet fun! :) Happy Birthday, Lady!

8:02 PM  
Blogger Rrramone said...

Happy Belated!!

4:55 AM  

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