Sunday, March 05, 2006

Vera Schmera

On my second night working on the yearbook at school I took a dinner break with Jude. She had a Vera bag which made me laugh...I do too, but of course two of them and they are knockoffs that cost a mere $20 ea. at the local variety store. Actually, I have three as I have a backup for the red one which I am wearing out sooner than the blue. There are pockets inside all the way around like a diaper bag....maybe that is really what they are...when I lose things, instead of hunting at the bottom of my purse I go from pocket to pocket. I use the blue one to carry my digital camera and charger as it makes a better carrier than most digital camera bags. I may need to go back and buy a second blue bag also. You never know when you need another. And by then I probably could have bought one Vera bag. Designer is no longer me, just the look is enough.

A former student waited on Jude and me for dinner. He had to be the worst I have ever encounterd. He apologized when he came to the table saying no one told him we were there...has he no eyes? Then we noticed he apologized to every table he went to as if for sympathy. Our meal was delivered by the mgr. without our lemon ice water, toast/biscuits, jelly/butter and silverware. Our guy returned for small talk but not much in the way of service. He had moved to another state, had a great interview with the chain restaurant there, but was finishing up his stint with this one...said the local high school ordered him out his last day saying he might hurt himself? I remember he was on yearbook staff several years ago and all he did was eat and talk.

Jude and I email all the time and her personality literally jumps off the screen, but I think we meet every so often to keep up with the face behind the words....because we seem to talk about the same things we have in common. Jude is smart, attractive and very self-effacing. She is brutally honest, and takes joy in so many things that I do. In ways we are twins in our maturing.

Well, I stayed at school until 5 a.m. this time. Was really getting into the software about an hour before I left, but once home headed for bed. Not heading back tonight as need to get the laundry caught up, etc. and of course something so important as the fashions for the Oscar's red carpet. The awards are not even as important as that.

Have discovered that blogging brings out the mundane in me...I mean, normally I can be more clever in how I word things but I feel myself too aware of someone reading the blog...although Jude and I laugh at how she is probably the only person in the world to read it!!!

So, have a good day, Jude!
From your skanky friend, Mare


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