Thursday, March 23, 2006

Too Common

Denny, a high school friend, e'd that his brother died at age 61 (so sorry you are having to deal with the loss, Denny). I told my husband, as I often do when someone is close to our age to try and make him see that we could be next if we don't tend to health issues. I asked Bob if he went to a doctor what percentage of health does he think he would rate. He said 85%. I told him more like 60% because his gut is so large...he agreed, which surprised me.
Sometimes I wonder how we became senior citizens, when it was just yesterday we were in our 40's. That thing about going over the hill is true...well, at least with the body. If you gain weight and don't get exercise, you can run around with your head cut off keeping up with life and it won't help one iota. How much you eat, what you eat, and lack of sleep and exercise are what causes weight problems. Oprah can drop her big bucks my way as I see the solution, but have not the willpower...yet, of course. I always think it will happen just like that tomorrow.
The human mind is amazing though. We keep overloading our brains with trivia from our day and look for ways to simplify our lives? Without lists and time restraints I wander daily wasting all kinds of time. Why do I fight doing all these things that I carry as quilt?
Death is starting to become all too common. I mean, I actually know the people dying.
When I was young I used to think about the end of life until I became frightened and stopped. I mean never existing again, ever, in the universe? I now believe in God and the hereafter, but admit that I still can't imagine existing in another form.
Heck, it's easier believing in God than it is for me to fully grasp the concept of our living on a round sphere that is floating in space? Now that one will baffle me forever.
Going to try for more z-z-z-z's tonight. Still sleep deprived.
Our daughter is calming to me before I fish in a fish tank her simple existence brings me down to the bare essentials in life. What must it be like to be inside of her mind?



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