Sunday, May 15, 2011

Invited to "Tea Party"...

Son RC called the night before asking if I wanted to attend a "Tea Party" for Evan's kindergarten at his school. I arrived and sat in the overly hot gymnasium. The woman next to me had a huge lense on her camera that intimidated me and the mother in front of me had her video camera. I came with a small digital camera with a bad battery, so had to keep turning it off and on to get enough charge for photos.
In came the kindergarten classes. What was not to Love? Little girls in their Easter Dresses and ribbons in the hair. And the boys were waving like crazy at their parents and or grandparents. Evan was in the last class. He searched the crowd and finally spotted his GaGa, greeting me with a sly smile. That's all it took for me to feel that inner glow that grandparents get when they spot that little guy who means the world to them.

I had not realized that this was their graduation and they were given certificates and pencils by the principal individually.

Afterward we had lemonade and cookies and he asked me to take him to the sitters so he wouldn't have to ride the bus. We stopped to get him some strawberry lemonade, french fries, and a bag of jr.roast beef sandwiches at Arby's for the other kids at the sitters.Some moments in time only happen once in your life and this one was a keeper...


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