Friday, October 23, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

The grandsons were off school for the day so took them to the movies. They said viewing would be in number 13, but we saw the movie title on number 15 so went in. We had taken so long buying our by then $40.00 worth of tickets and refreshments (pop, popcorn and candy were only $6.50 ea. in a kids pack) , so the movie had already started. A half hour later it ended and we realized we only saw the end of the movie. It wouldn't start again for a half hour, so we went to number 13 and saw the middle of it. We decided to hit the video games room and buy the dvd one day to see the beginning and then view it to the end.
Max was cute, but rather vapid as a character...didn't seem very connected to the story emotionally. LOVED the creatures...they were drop dead adorable. Could see the movie over and over just to gaze at their walking the sands and beaches of Australia! The music was magical. And their wood constructions were amazing!! Wonderful interpretation of the storybook by Maurice Sendak... A must see for everyone!


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