Saturday, February 28, 2009

Husband Bob, Gotta Love Him!

Bob is definitely one of those "they broke the mold when he was born".

He's obcessed by cars and food, and weird things in this world.
Always on the go, hyper diaper as they come.

The other night he went to bed early and I asked him, "Big day tomorrow?"
Half asleep he replied, "Yup, I have 10 lap dances to do in my bunny suit".
He actually does have a big white bunny suit he bought at a garage sale for $5.

It's like living with a little kid as he is show and tell every day about things he buys
or things going on with him. His mother always told me not to ever take the kid out
of him...His humor does get me through many a dull day. LOVE YOU, Bob.

***I showed this to Husband Bob and he said I should be careful what I say about him, in case he wants to run for public office one day!


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