Monday, May 26, 2008

Dance, Dance, Dance

Remember when your mother took you to dance classes and it ended with a dance recital on stage? I danced as a fairy around a big fat ferry Godmother...I can still see that heavenly body sitting plop in the center of that stage, and all of us girls on our tippee toes encircling her. My glittered star fell off my dowel stick so my mother put gum on it to hold it on for the performance. The picture of me shows a girl feeling so pretty. I loved the silver of the sequins and the trim. It was only afterwards that we realized I had the costume on backwards!

Fast forward to today when I received an email with the attachment of Mackenzie, daughter of Eric and Kelly, my nephew and his wife . Her smile is contagious and in living color she appears to be walking the red carpet as compared to my old dance photo. She has real star quality.

But it did bring back memories of what it is like to be a little girl in this great big world of ours. Thank goodness parents let girls be girls.


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