Monday, November 05, 2007

It's About Martha

Summer was a dream at best.
Now, several chapters later, I am home to take on the responsibility of finishing out my last year of teaching. I have a student teacher waiting in the wings to take over my job. March seems more likely an exit than June.
Right now it's all about Martha. Nothing else seems so important. She's my younger sister. I remember when she told me once that life had not been what she thought. That the knight in shining armor had never come by her way. Now she's been diagnosed with stage four metastic breast cancer. I want to be that sister she can count on, but we live a state away and leaving my family to help her is not easy...I doubt it ever would be. I had trouble believing she had cancer and still probably do. Nothing is clear. I only know that I will do what I can. I trust in God, but I don't think she does. How do I tell her it is all in God's plan when she is afraid that this may not be something she can survive. Still, I trust.
Please pray for my sister Martha.


Blogger Trisha said...

Sending prayers and good thoughts for Martha.


6:16 AM  

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