Friday, June 29, 2007

At the Cottage

First two weeks at the cottage in June we spent with grandson Jake along. Amazing how a 7 yr. old can change your days and was wonderful to see the place through his eyes. However, when he was good, he was very very good and when he was bad, he was horrid is oh so true with him. He asked if he could stay the whole summer, but we told him his family would miss him too much...truthfully, we haven't the energy to keep up!
We were remarried on June 20th (It was our 30th anniversary and we wanted a date easier to remember so we "reset" it) by husband and wife Methodist ministers who live on the point on our deck at sunset and topped it off with wine and pizza. The next day I came home to find the above message ("Honeymoon Palace") on an empty pizza box by the door...gotta love that Bob!
We took Jake home and spent a couple of days getting car titles, meds., mail, etc. then back up to the cottage. Since being back have finished a logo for a window decal to sell at the association meeting on July 7th with proceeds going to the marina development, if they come in ontime. Also worked with Cliff on a website and Sue on mulch and flowers for the gate committee...they are retired prison guards and always willing to pitch in to help on the point. There are about 100 cottages and homes on the point and various backgrounds of the owners.
Put purple and white flowers in the garden by the beginning of our driveway and some potted red begonia flowers in the white boxes by the stairs to the lake for our daughter and my mother who always liked them that way.
The kids come as a family the week after the holiday and then we are following them below to fit in a dr.'s appt. for our daughter and more errands. Want to see Mom at the resthome on the way back up.
Having been home I was amazed this time at how easy it is to pick up where I left off at each place, like the other place just didn't exist. Still there are so many differences in our lifestyles at each place.The cottage is all about summer and relaxing while the house is about working and family. Not sure if we can keep both in retirement or will even want to.
Did redeem some of an annuity and since we aren't in the retirement bracket yet, was disgusting to give the government and state 30% of what I took out up front...what did they do to deserve the interest off my investment? --Put the rest into an IRA hoping to use it at a lower tax base and possibly without taxes (?). Need to listen to Clark Howard's radio show more or go to his site.
I already lost $100 at the casino. I take a day off from Bob to go anywhere I want to cure my need for freedom each week. Bob loves going to auctions selling antiques to make odd change.
We are eating healthier meals and watching more of Satelite Dish TV as we don't have that at home...mostly old TV series (Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith, and I Love Lucy) and HGTV type decorating shows.
Am loving life at the moment as it feels like we can leave the world behind up here.
Hope anyone reading this can do the same.
Happy Summer!

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Blogger Rrramone said...

You're making me want to take a vacation. Cute pics. :-)

8:52 AM  

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