Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Weekend

Grandson Jake came over on Saturday to give his parents some calm before the gift explosion..
Bob, Beth, Jake and I shopped, then came home to wrap gifts and work on his first ever wolven pot holders...he slipped one of the loops on his head for the photo...I took him outside to show him the old lifesize manger scene...he asked who each person was...I told him Joseph, the 3 Wisemen, Mary, and the lamb..." Oh" he said. "Mary Had a Little Lamb!" - " No, a baby Jesus" I replied and we both laughed as we walked back up the stairs to the house. I love seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Judy sent this Ashland Link...Normally I don't like the click cards, but the music and the add ons are very calming to watch, so please try it out...

Enjoy Christmas Eve...will probably post again tomorrow with thoughts of the day.
Merry Christmas !


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