Sunday, October 08, 2006

Baby's Back

TheBattering Ram-Odot Truck

Damaged side and back window totally smashed. Frame was bent also...I felt nothing, just heard the crash! Now it's beautiful again!

Got my "baby" back after being in repair all summer...the guy is a genius who did it as he had to put the backend of another Volvo onto her. She was hit by an Odot Truck four times or more her size and I got the ticket because I was sitting at the median, though the truck driver had been no where in sight when I pulled out from the stop sign and the sun was in his eyes.
Driving her is a thrill after the Tracker I've been driving to work to save on gas. I own one single stock in Volvo, but plan to buy more. I think they are the best car on the market (we've had several).
This one I bought from an Arab who disappeared after 9/11 and his money backer found the cars from his lot scattered at different I reported him to the FBI. ---At least I got a beautiful car before he fled!


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