Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fighting Farewells

Today I felt alive again. Pitching and actually working on paper piles...have been stacking things too long.

Found a list of people on our jury for the malpractice suit 16 yrs. ago for our daughter...intended to thank them right after the the case settled our direction, but I guess I could still try... May be hard telling them thanks for their time after so many years.

Also found a business card an old boyfriend gave to my sister to give to me. She said he was now a lawyer but had a bad muscular disease and I wonder now if he is still living...he wrote his home number on the back, but I'd never call his house as he married and had kids.

And a note from the daughter of a friend who died a couple of years ago...Martha was a librarian/artist who grew up in New Orleans and had the best sense of humor. Should contact her daughter Perry. Martha is buried in a vault in a mausoleum across the street from Erma Bombeck's grave. We went there once to visit Martha's husband's vault and she gave me a tour of the place. I need to stop in and talk with her.

Piles of memories. No wonder I let them sit. I'm trying to let go, but I invested part of my life in all of them.


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