Wednesday, May 24, 2006

He Had Me From THe Start!!!

It's not about the best voice as there are tons of those out's what you do with a song and how you make those of us listening feel about the performance. When Kat came on I thought she was a gorgeous girl with a beautiful voice. Taylor on the other hand made me want to clap, sing and dance along with him. Obvious choice for me! Congratulations Taylor. You won it fair and square.

My vote for most improved? Voice and appearance goes to Clay Acon. What a transformation! Did not recognize him at first.

Prince was SO GOOD...but he was out of place in what has become a Miss America variety show of music about promoting singers.

I was sorry that Mandessa didn't do a duet with Ruben Stoddard. Two great voices and a well matched couple (she has the hots for him already, according to tv hype).

Simon is riding this show and others to an early retirement with lotsa money for bling.

Am afraid by glorifying the odd ball acts with trophies it will encourage more to come out of the cracks next year and the show will lose the serious competition value.

Country music award shows are starting to impress me more...they put on a great show.

The Oscars are in the dumps and need to be reincarnated.

Life is good outside of the box (TV or flat screen).

Enjoy today.



Blogger Painter Beach Girl said...

having grown up in southern cal, the oscars were such a big deal! we used to be able to eat our dinner in front of the tv? I barely watch them anymore...BUT I love the country music awards best!!!!

6:09 AM  

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