Saturday, May 06, 2006


Ginny is the principal's secretary at our school and my best friend there. I seldom have but a few minutes a day to keep in touch with her and sometimes we email or talk on the phone.
She is the most organized and caring person you could ever want to know. I admire how she cares about her parents and sibs. She married her jr. high boyfriend Kyle, who is one of the nicest men ever. But most of all I admire Ginny as a Mom. She is devoted to the lives of her two daughters Amy and Molly and now her first grandson, Drew. She's the kind of Mom who will make things, collect things, clean things and help you get the things in life that you want. She's so dependable and an unsung hero in so many ways. No task is too hard for her to handle. She keeps lists to be on track. She totally runs our school and keeps everyone focused. I cannot imagine ever working in the place without her at her desk which is the central control of the school.
The above picture shows her with flowers cut from her own garden. Like the flowers in the vase she is a soft and beautiful person inside and out. I adore her as my confidant and friend.
Hope you are in your jammies , Ginny, just enjoying the weekend.


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