Thursday, March 02, 2006

Too Busy To Blog

Now that I'm into blogging I find I have to take most of this week off to tend to business...mainly getting our school yearbook submitted so we can receive it by the end of the school year.
I adore my students at school, but they are starting to act more
like it's the end of the school year as the weather improves.

Our almost 6 yr. grandson Jake has been at the house a couple of nights this week. He is a joy/rascal. He told my husband we needed to buy more "beers" as his Dad likes to drink it. And he watches 7th Heaven on TV saying he never misses watching an "episode" with his Mom. He locked himself in the toy's worth it sacrificing closet space ...he closed the door which locks and screamed bloody murder until his grandpa rescued him. But when he curls up in my arms I forget everything and am in his world. He's still a baby underneath it all.

So my online time is now devoted to doing layouts and sorting through hundreds of photos...our book is only 56 pgs., but it's all color, hardbound, and the photos are all digital. Means learning the company software, which is more time consuming this year.

I 'lll be back to the blog on the weekend.
Tomorrow is Friday...hang in there.


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