Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is It Tuesday Already?

In the summer months I live the life of a retired person, forgetting which day of the week it is. Now, during the school year, I am trying to destress evenings. Work harder during the day in the classroom and leave it (though I do carry the students in my head!) behind and come home to relax.
The grandson was here tonight as his parents were buying a car. I told him he could not stay the night as he wouldn't listen to me and I was tired of noise, but grandpa took him with he and buddy Denny running around so he got his way and I get the quiet of the house. Laundry to catch up. pay a couple of bills and then American Idol. I adore Taylor, the gray-haired 29 yr. old from Alabama as he is totally into his music. There are several this season that I think will record whether they win or not. He and Paris are two I am certain will, though Paris seems such a baby in comparison. I don't call to vote but do watch to the end.
Anyway, I smiled tonight when I realized I had to think what night it was as the old me ran so tight that I was constantly aware of fitting everything in day by day to get to the end of the week. I accomplish less but have learned to let some things take a back seat to be done whenever. That's not to say that I don't have ongoing lists in my head with the following...
House: Paint the boys bedroom/den for the 4th time with a taupe #4 paint from Lowe's.
Ready our tax papers.
Catch up bills...I am a huge procrastinator.
Take dog Mack for an overdue grooming.
Make plans for two new bathrooms...here and at the cottage.
Pack things for the cottage and sort our closet and bedroom.
Paint, wallpaper and refloor our tiny laundry room.
Clean our overdue for cleaning deck.
Revive my previously beautiful perennial garden by the stairs to the deck.
Work on the lawn. Clean the barn. Paint the outside and repair windows.
Self: Lose weight by constantly eating better and exercising.
Send out invitations for the weekend in July reunion slumber party at the cottage.
Work on getting old movies from family on dvd's and photos on cd's.
Read books and magazines saved on shelf for years.
Crochet a blanket or two.
School: Sort the room and make it more colorful and attractive for the students.
Ready some town displays of student work.
Line up a yearbook staff for next year and plan their welcome breakfast.
Post best work on the net for the students.
Order more supplies for next year and find some new projects for the kids.
Other: Make my religion more personally fulfilling...be a better servant to the Lord
on a daily basis.
Keep in touch with those I care for in email, notes, phone and invite over for dinner.
Celebrate my Scottish and English heritage.

And that is only what I remember storing up there in my noggin!
I tell myself there will be time if I just concentrate on the day for now. It seems to work if I just pull down a project at a time to deal with and not sit in the middle of all of them trying to make a dent.

Time for American Idol.
Have a great night.
Photo At Top is Not Me, but I often feel like she looks! (received her in email)


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