Friday, March 03, 2006

Eye on the Prize...

Sometimes keeping an eye on the prize helps.
When the yearbook is done I plan to buy another Chico's watch just like the one I have. It was Oprah's favorite watch a while back and I don't want them to stop making it without having a backup...I wear it every day and feel naked without it.

Working on the yearbook into the night, tonight. My students are restless and needing more supervision so can't concentrate on
doing anything on the book during the daytime.

Hoping to start into wallpapering the small boys room on Saturday as it lacks warmth with paint and the walls being so imperfect. Even after all the work I put into it, it just needs more work.

Will post pictures of the two bedrooms, then will start our
bedroom which is my favorite room in the house...soft green, king size bed with a beautiful metal frame...working on it being a retreat and can't wait to post more on it.
Be back on the weekend.
Enjoy the day!


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