Thursday, March 30, 2006

Day Without End...

Guess I went in to work with too little sleep today...
First a couple of girls showed up from the high school
to job shadow. I didn't know they were coming as they left a message on voice mail that I rarely check.
The kids were all loud and required monitoring their talking. Am thinking of grouping achieving with the nonachieving students. Usually you mix them but can tell that those doing their work are irritated by the obnoxious behavior of others. So have decided it makes more sense to put those not achieving at one table (slacker about a label) and keep track of their progress and behavior to the side of working with those who want to be in the class.
Came home exhausted and decided it's time to answer the call of bills. Geez, it's only been about 20 some years that I have been chasing after them, one by one, with no system other than being at deadline and having to pay them. I am always late, even when the money is in the bank. Two things I seem to procrastinate on the cleaning and bills. My mother was so organized on both. Why didn't I learn?
My new goal is to spend as much as I can on bills to get as far ahead as I a game. Maybe that will spice it up a bit, like a challenge. (Gives me a game board idea!).
Hmm...wonder if that inventors show could be as bad as the first one. May watch.
Would love to get a ton of sleep tonight. The thought of bills and cleaning makes me tired.
Please God, send some ambition my way.
I do at least find myself making purchases on the basis of...will I be able to use this in retirement or will it be another thing to pitch? I put back a lavender Easter basket for our daughter on that basis but bought two inexpensive quilts. You can never have too (two!) many of those.
Into the night.
Enjoy yours.


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