Friday, February 17, 2006

Winter Home...

Our winter home after a snow looks like a cabin in the woods.
We've had the flu this know, the sore throat kind complete with chills, headache, and a nagging cough.

Most of my weekends I'm indoors anyway. This one is a long one. Was home two days off work and have this Monday off for President's Day.

Slept most of Friday away. Saturday will be sanding plaster fill, washing walls, priming and painting one of two bedrooms I've been working on. Our daughter gets the larger bedroom, while the grandsons and our son, when they visit, get the smaller bedroom/den. Her room is already painted a soft chartreuse and the other room will be a soft taupe if I picked up the right color at Lowe's.

Once the rooms are put back together will post photos of them, plus other rooms finished and working on.

Will resurface to post on Sunday, as watching the two grandsons at their house on Saturday night.

Have a great Saturday.


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