Saturday, February 18, 2006

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Ambrosia Porcelain

When I was a child a babysitter gave us a box of candy with a
tiny clear glass pitcher. I'm not sure why I love that so much,
but it sits in my kitchen to this day.

I felt the same way when I came across the
Ambrosia Porcelain site where I am ordering one of their
one-of-a-kind pieces called"curious pots" (the small bowl
with the bird perched on the side) They're very small,
about 2.5" - 3"in diameter, and are $39.00.
Other than being shown in the picture, this
item does not have a page yet on the site.

But everything on Ambrosia Porcelain's site is
so adorable you will want
to place an order on the spot.
Add to that the folksy nature of the two owners
with artistic and musical backgrounds,
Linda Gale Aubry and Miriam Aubry, and your impulse is
to hop a plane to visit them in their studio.

I think they best describe my attachment to their work
in this quote from the site...

"Remember the cup that you always reached for,
and the bowl that was “yours” as a child?
We offer the grown-up versions of those magical things.
From soap dishes to cereal bowls, creamers to coffee cups,
each piece of our tableware is individually formed and hand
painted, using traditional materials in innovative ways.
'Your work makes me smile' is the most frequent comment we hear. "
Well, Miriam and Linda Gale...your work makes me smile :>) too !!
Linda AubryMiriam Aubry
phone: 617.838.5003 North Andover, MA
(photo by Linda Gale Aubry /site design by
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