Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Seems Like A Monday...

This will be brief...
Returning to the work week I discovered teacher conferences are this week.
The good news is that we have Friday off ,so a three day weekend coming up...Whoopee!

Finished the dread second bedroom last night. After painting the room all light blue on top of old wallpaper, watching the seams open up, 12 hours steaming the wallpaper off with a rental machine from National Rental, plastering cracks, 2 hours sanding, washing down the walls, two coats of primer and one coat of top coat I cannot believe I am not done! The color is too light. But I need a break, so will put in the rest of the furniture and put on one last coate of slightly darker taupe. on Friday. A teacher friend with exceptional taste just painted her kitchen a medium taupe. and I think with luck it might be the color I want. I would not be so worried about the color, but I am not one of those hire people to paint every season...these walls will stay the same color until we leave this house. I know what I like and when I am satisfied, I live happily with it for a long, long time.


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