Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Dream Team: Kenneth and Candice

To have my two favorite designers helping me on this house
we live in, or the cottage, would be a dream come true.
We have no cable during the winter months as we are just
too busy, but have satellite in the summer months and I
I am glued to HGTV anytime Kenneth Brown or Candice
Olson are on...

Kenneth Brown's show Redesign is an American Icon of a show.
His low key colors and smooth contemporary designs make any room he does an environment that is calm, masculine and just plain cool. While his sketches leave a lot to be desired (a kid's crayon drawing would be as good!) he clearly has each project pictured in his mind. His soft-spoken personality often does not challenge the owners preferences as much as I would like and sometimes he has to prove his ideas will work. If they know of his reputation they should trust him anyway. Kenneth is a west coast designer with all the polish and finesse of a couture designer...he has class dripping out of his handsome tanned hands and blonde surfer locks. I like his lack of conceit and appreciate his not jumping all over the screen as some designers do. No jokes or frenzy here...just good solid design that nurtures like nature.

( Photos of Kenneth and Candice are from )


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