Saturday, February 25, 2006

Making Quiche & Other Procrastinations...

Woke at 8 a.m.

This weekend has to be all about working on our school yearbook. My students took all the it is for me to understand the online software to get it published by the end of this month.
I knew this interest in the house was taking time I should have been spending on the book and today found even more ways to procrastinate.
Bob was expecting a call from a buddy so would not let me tie up the phone line with the computer. I drove to town for gas at Sunoco and a 20 oz. cup of hot English Toffee latte. Nothing else seemed open in town so stopped at the local hardware. Spoke with Wes, son of the original owner. We traded opinions on the state of teaching, wearing clothing that is comfy but not stylish, and our kids. He's a smart and opinionated guy, but loosey-goosey fun-loving! He runs a summer hot air balloon launch and a mini Woodstock near town. We often say the town should be named after his family as most of the buildings, with the exception of the funeral directors' properties, belong to him.
Home again, I began sorting through the archeological digs I call our bedroom. It now has literally piles of things all over the floor. Airing out the mattress and have to put off working on it until later. Told Bob he gets the couch or den tonight again. He's still sick from the longest flu in history!
Friend Judy calls to ask me to go to lunch with her at a favorite cafe...darn, I want to go but would feel guilty. She still has her fake Christmas trees up, but without the ornaments. Wants to take them down, but not a priority yet. Something you do when the snow flies, I guess! Jude is so much fun. We seem to be having parallel experiences these days.
I decided I must clean the refrig. Filled one of the deep shelves on the door with soapy water, thinking myself quite clever for making a container out of it while I cleaned. Sorted the refrig. onto the cleaned shelves and then resorted the freezer. Found some ham and broccoli and a pie crust to bake so decided to try my first ever quiche. I eat quiche with my usual hot chai tea every morning during the work week from a local coffee house. I thought it must be easy. Began by dumping eggs into the unbaked pie crust, salt, pepper, shredded cheddar cheese, broccoli and shredded pieces of deli ham. Got out my 75th edition Better Homes & Gardens cookbook to see if I was missing anything. It cracked when I opened it as I never cook. Oops, the pie crust had to be half baked first, so dumped out ingredients and did that. It also mentioned adding half and half, but then you could use sour cream, so I added a fat free version. Green onions were also listed, but had none, so added onion flakes. Put foil around the edges of the crust so it would not burn and stuck it back in the oven. When I got it out the foil stuck to the crust and pulled it apart. I just tried it (Bob said I had better not give him any!) and it is edible but sour tasting and the broccoli is dominant. For a first try it could have been better, but was ok. Jude is a master of quiche. Will have to have her give me cooking lessons.
On to the yearbook. Can see the rest of the weekend being devoted to designing page after page. Wish me luck. I've not been on time with my due dates the last couple of years and am sure my company rep. has little faith in me this time either.
Enjoy your weekend wherever you are.


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