Saturday, February 18, 2006

Getting Plastered

No, this is not a picture from Iraq. This is me this afternoon sanding the plaster patched walls in the second bedroom for the boys bedroom/den. in a dust cloud.

Plans changed for tonight...not babysitting the grandsons as the other grandma is available and willing... so am waiting for the dust to settle in the bedroom. Took a shower and decided to blog until heading back in there to wash the walls with a damp sponge and then put on the primer when dry. The walls aren't perfect, but hey this house is old.

When I first met husband Bob he already owned this 20 acre farm. We came here after our first date on a Sunday because he wanted to check on a sick goat he was nursing back to health. The house smelled musty and our voices echoed from lack of furnishings. Most of the walls had dark paneling on them and ceiling lights instead of lamps, so it seemed very dark and dingy.There were empty beer cans climbing the wall next to the refrig.! He had a wooden church pew for a couch. We watched the wizard of Oz on a small TV in front of the only fireplace in the house (we now have two). I had always lived in the city so this seemed like an adventure. I was 29 and Bob was 31. We met in March, were engaged in June, and married in August.

Before we married we were working on the house and I started to cry telling Bob I could not marry him after all because I hated this old farmhouse. He reassured me that I could do "anything I wanted to the house". That got me through it. I remind him of that now and he tells me that he meant to add, "anything he liked".

Back to the bedroom. Tell you more about the makeover later with photos included.
Hope you are having a great Saturday night, wherever you are...



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