Thursday, February 16, 2006

Everything in 2's

Two homes, one up north for the summers and the other a state away the rest of the year. No connection between them. It's easy to forget the other exists as the lifestyles are so diverse. Right now I have undertaken to do extreme makeovers on both residences, as cheaply as possible, as environments are becoming increasingly important to me.

Come to think of it, Two seems to be my magic number...
Two children, two grandchildren. Two brothers, one sister but together we make two. Two wonderful parents I constantly thank God for....

Two occupations: my day at work teaching school and at home trying to address daily issues as they arise.

Two husbands...well, sort home, my life partner husband Bob with the gorgeous blue eyes is my mentor, friend, comedian, and all. And my "work husband" who mirrors my husband's personality as much as I mirror his wife's personality. Two bosses, two secretaries that keep me up to date (Ginny and Kathy are the best secretaries in the entire universe!!!).

Even when I shop I buy at least two of everything so I don't have to make a second trip.

I have numerous friends (who are not off the hook as they will be mentioned in time as well!) but the two I am in contact with the most are Jude and Linda. Both could not be more worlds apart. One lives in a beautiful new home in the woods, married with one child. The other in a vintage home in town, divorced many years, having raised five children. The one thing they both have in common are great sense of humor and venting with great vocabularies!

Two ...well, you get the picture...sort of the ying/yang existence I live.

My blog is about simplifying my life working with the twos. I hope in some way I will touch common chords of experience that make you feel you aren't so alone after all.

Until two-morrow!


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