Monday, February 27, 2006

Crochet Versus the Cordless Drill

I taught myself some simple crochet a couple of weeks ago. Have been wanting something to do that was pacifying and enjoyed it so much I told my students in my classes they would all be crocheting a scarf. One red-haired boy on the basketball team had a fit saying it was too feminine. He went to the counselor to try and drop the class and was told too bad, you signed up and are stuck in the class. I told him he could do a scarf for his coach. He wasn't buying it, but has adjusted, though he still thinks crochet is for girls.
Yesterday I borrowed my husband's cordless screwdriver. What a shock to find out how easy my job was. I put up a coat rack in a couple of seconds. Instead of using a stud finder (yes, he has one of those too) I knocked on the wall, but it went up slick as could be....which reminded me of all the times I asked Bob to put up things for me and he acted like it was such a chore. I now understand the male mind a little better. Power tools are for men because they need them. Women are much more self-sufficient out of necessity (in my mind). We are used to getting by with whatever we have. Ever heard a man say he could do a job, but he does not have the right tools? That's what they mean.
It also occurs to me that there is a basic difference between the sexes. Men sit back and design things to make their lives easier while women rely on inventors (mostly men?) to invent things for them? And we wonder why our day is never done? ---
Looking forward to the new Simon C. show on inventions. I have already seen some little machines and also there are factory machines that make a scarf, but sometimes some things are better made the old-fashioned, time consuming way.
The little red-head basketball player should thank me for letting him in on one of life's best kept secrets.



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