Sunday, February 26, 2006

And More Procrastinations....

Did the individual photos for the yearbook, then everything in the house seemed more know how that goes...caught up the laundry, worked on bills, cleaned up my husband's trails through the house, sorted more piles of things, put up curtain rods, and watched the final Dancing with the Stars..was glad Drew won...they were all good in their own season yet for the show...should help them get more stars interested in appearing on it next year.---
Have decided after all that wallpaper stripping and painting that the boys bedroom/den lacks warmth, so am going to wallpaper again!!! Our daughter is in her new bedroom and loves it! Light chartreuse walls with pinks, purples and other girly colors. Guess I didn't mention...our daughter is now 27...she was born with brain damage and is about 31/2 yrs. mentally. I wanted this bedroom to be an environment and she is loving it. Will post pictures soon as the yearbook gets done, which it will in time. I'm a huge procrastinator on some things.
My bed is calling me...reminds me of a favorite story from childhood....about a bed that ran away because the little boy didn't want to go night-night..That's never a problem for me...most nights I pass out when my head hits the pillow.
Will sign off the way I do with friend Jude...


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