Thursday, December 04, 2008

Martha My Dear...

My sister Martha's 1969 HS Grad pic.
Martha and Me
(In Spiro T. Agnew shirt!) in
"Martha, My Dear, You have been my inspiration through the years..." (Paul McCartney).
My younger sister Martha went in to a hospital with back pain in October 2007. She was diagnosed with stage 4, metasticized breast cancer. By October 2008, after going through chemo and radiation, the cancer spread to her brain and it was all over.
She was in Rose Arbor hospice facility for about a month. The staff there was amazing and I will cherish them forever. I was with Martha the night she died, on my birthday, 11-23-2008. I feel honored to have been her sister. She is inside of me now. I want to drink a little, get back to golf in the spring after so many years of not playing, and just enjoy life the way she so wanted to do herself.
Her funeral is Dec. 6th in our hometown. There will be a visitation with some of her many photos on cd, a Memorial Service with comments about her life, and a luncheon on her behalf given by my brothers and me. We are sending her off with a Scottish theme Bonnie Lassie Martha Mae.
I have a big reason to make it to heaven one day and see her smiling face again.
I love and miss you Martha..."More than you will ever know".


Blogger Rrramone said...

Marilyn, that is so touching.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Friend
I have been thinking of you and tonight i had time to tinker on the puter after i did our 2008 taxes. i hadnt been to your blog in such a long time and i had fun reading and looking at this picture of your life. as always, i enjoy your way of putting your thoughts into words. cant wait to read the book when its ready.
i have a couple chapters to add to mine :)
life on the point is quiet with lots of snow and very few people around. i arrived home day before yesterday and will be here for the entire month of february. my son is still healing from treatment with one good report so far. he has tests and exams in march and april, but the real test is measured in time...can he stay cancer free for 5 years.
now that you have retired, have you gotten your life together!!???!! i retired 5 years ago and still dont have it all together. the picutres are still in boxes, the papers still in piles and the closets still overflowing!! but i have made progress and for that i am grateful.
looking forward to seeing you soon and maybe we can have fun on the point this summer.
see ya later, neighbor lady
sue d
dont know how to send this so it will say anonymous but you know its from me!

8:04 PM  

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