Tuesday, September 19, 2006

House Bitch

Husband Bob is taking care of our daughter Beth trying to get her back to health. She was bone thin and not eating, fighting taking seizure meds., not getting exercise or outside enough. She is making small progress and it warms my heart to see it.
Today Bob proudly renamed himself. Instead of Manny, he's House Bitch. It s with his favorite name for me...Witch Face.
When I came home from work today the house was picked up and scented candles were lit everywhere. I told him how romantic of him. "Not really" he replied, " I had Beth out in the car with me all day and we weren't home...when I returned, I lit some candles because the house smelled funky." So much for that!


Blogger Ali la Loca said...

Ah, the romance never dies, does it?

What a funny story.

I'm glad to hear that House Bitch's efforts are paying off and that Beth seems to be recuperating her health.

5:49 AM  

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