Tuesday, May 23, 2006

True Golfing Story

Husband Bob calls this one, "as good as it gets", though to hear him tell it is what really makes it funny.

Years ago one of the city schools in the predominantly poorest part of town wanted Bob to be their golf coach. His team consisted of one guy who always showed up in a suit, one girl, a guy with a glass eye, and a gay guy who liked to tee off with a putter (he later killed a guy friend and is in jail for life). None of them had clubs of their own so he had to beg and borrow used ones...he asked me for my bag of clubs and I turned him down after I heard a kid wrapped a club around a desk practicing his swing in his classroom.

One day he and another coach were sitting in the pro shop waiting on the kids when someone told him his kids were beating up other kids on the course with their clubs. He said he reluctantly went out to stop them feeling totally embarrassed.

Bob said he got tired of being the lowest in the ratings every year at the city meets, as he had to bring the donuts five years in a row. He said he never wore his school shirts as he didn't want them to know where he coached!

Just another of Bob's school stories...he could and should write a book.


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