Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Things Bob Doesn't Know...

My husband still does not know I write this blog. He assumes I am writing email and never comes in to see what is on the screen.
His idea of being online is checking out the prices of cars or going onto Ebay to see how much an antique he bought at a sale is worth. He's not computer illiterate, but sees no use to be on them too much for anything else.
In fact, after 27 yrs. of marriage, I only this year put him on my personal checking accounts. Actually the bank forced me to do it...they would no longer let me deposit his paychecks to my account if Bob's name was not on the account. He never used to remember who or what he wrote a check to or for, and he left paying the bills to me, so I just never added him. Now that there are carbons for the checks, he does not have to remember. I even bought him a duct tape checkbook cover so it would look "manly".
Bob's first response to things he does not tell me is that I never asked. So, now I have this policy, what he doesn't know he didn't ask!
Hats off to all the women who keep little bits of themselves private, even in marriage.


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