Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh No, Yoko, It's time to go!!!!!!!!

I asked Bob when he plans to leave for the cottage for the summer. He said it's the beginning of the week following our last week of school in June! It's always too soon for me as I do things to close down this house. He, on the other hand, just packs a few clothes, puts his four wheelers on a trailer and he's ready to go.
I have school things to end...a breakfast, lunch and after school retirement to shop and set up for, a power point presentation of students throughout the year for the last day assembly, photo the rest of the student work and post online. Yearbook awards to get ready. Clean the room and grade the last of the projects.
Bills to sort and get into some sort of system...I am so lame with them. Tons still to toss or organize in the house. Beth's reports to lawyers and doctor appts., etc. to be done, as I am her guardian as well as her Mom. And clean as much as possible, since the dust and dirt settle in while we are gone.
Time to get the lists going in my head again!


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