Saturday, May 06, 2006

End of the School Year

Put up a Holocaust art show of 130 super and inspiring submissions. Also installed a student display of self-protraits at our local coffee house (two at left). Am photograhing large amounts of artwork to post on an artsite online, rather than an end of the year student art show...I teach 7th and 8th graders art in a rural city.
Husband Bob teaches in a large city school and says he needs a whole section for the "ankle-bracelet" kids who only come once in awhile and he has to call their probation officers instead of parents.
The two of us could write a book on the difference between city and country schools and education in general. Mostly what we are seeing are high and low end students. Bright kids heavy into technology and slackers who show but don't do the work taking over the class from the rest of the students. The most frustrating thing about teaching is that students want to be spoon fed and seem apathetic toward aquiring an education if it isn't fast-paced and entertaining the way their video games and TV shows are geared. Sex is a topic at a much younger age than we knew it. Clothing is scant or baggy. The kids look more mature at a younger age and are giving birth to babies as if they were stuffed toys to play with and their parents end up raising them. Luckily, there are students who make you see that the world will be a better place with them in charge and those give you hope. I just wish they had more time to be kids in this fast paced world. How do you slow it down for them?
Take time to get outside.
Enjoy your weekend...summer is near and your kids will soon be home.


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