Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Peg (aka Meg)

An email update arrived from friend Peg. She's an adorable teacher friend approx. 20 yrs. younger than me. Peg reminds me of the actress Meg Ryan. Petite and always so cute. She is the wife of Alan, who builds homes and mother to four of my very favorite kids...Isaac, Shelby, Nathan and Mariah. I remember when each of them were born and though Peg works in another school district have managed to stay in touch from time to time.
Peg has gone through two medical scares with her health and is such a survivor. She does not wallow in self-pity but counts her blessings and gets on with life. I like to remind her of the days that she danced on tables in bars (!) when like the rest of us life was all new.
My prayers are always in place for her family and I feel Peg and I will be friends for life.
She's an inspiration to me and I feel we just pick up where we left off any time we email or meet. Every so often, someone special enters your life, and she is definitely one of them.


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