Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Guys!

There are two little boys who mean everything in the world to me.
Jake is my oldest grandson...he is full of energy, bright and funny. I love to watch how his little mind works. He is not always good, but that is because he has such a strong character that he wants to do everything his way. But when he calls me GaGa and curls up in my lap, there is nothing in this world sweeter...reminds me of his Dad when he was a boy...they look so much alike. Jake turns 6 this weekend. Happy Birthday and I hope to be around to see many more.

Our second grandson Evan is still a little bit of a mystery to me. Jake was around us since he was born and because he was difficult at times he really wore all of us out. Then comes beautiful little Evan who steals everyone's hearts and is such an easy baby to take care of...I am so glad he was not the first born as the first one put us through the hoops! Evan is now 1 yr. and starting to walk and talk. He has his Mommy's eyes and dimples and his Daddy's calm about him. Can't wait to know him better as he grows.

Having grandkids means that you open your heart to another generation. The unconditional love you feel for them is easier as you don't see them as often as you did your own kids and you miss them inbetween. How nice it will be to see them both growing into young men to carry on the family name. They are two very different and very wonderful little boys.

Have a good Sunday.
Marilyn "GaGa"


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