Thursday, April 13, 2006


Our first dog Wally was bought to be a buddy and responsibility for our son who was about 7 at the time. I contacted the breeders assoc. and they put me in touch with Melanie. I thought I was interviewing her about the pups, but I soon realized that I was the one being interviewed. She made an appointment for us to go down to meet with her and see the pups, but informed me, "I don't sell my dogs to people I don't feel have the right motives for owning a dog." It felt like we were adopting a baby! We adored Melanie and she even found my husband Bob amusing, so we clicked. Wally's official name was Rosebud's Great Wally Bear and he came from a line of showdogs. He had a square back to the skull on his head that made him quite distinctive. His grandfather was sold to a Japanese breeder for mega bucks.
When Wally passed away two years ago I felt as though I had been kicked in the stomach as he was so loyal and asked for so little in life, but to be loved. He's buried on our property and I still visit him just to talk.
Our son had already contacted Melanie about getting a pup for his family about the same time. He picked out their dog Cooper and encouraged me to go see the litter as there was a brother to Cooper that I might want. It was of course love at first site. Golden Retrievers look like teddy bears at first. Mack just jumped up on the fence and wagged his tail, and I was hooked.
Now in his 2nd year with us, Mack has more than filled the gap that Wally left. He has Wally's bloodline. We named him Rosebud's Great Mackinaw Bear. He plays with the grandson and is a constant friend in the house. He barks to let us know that people are near the house. He sleeps on the floor with whomever he feels needs protection at night. It's like having a mini-horse around the house. He's also quite the swimmer in the summer months and loves to chase birds down the beach like Wally used to do.
I adore Mack...isn't he just he handsomest dog you've seen in a long time?
Love you, Mack.


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